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My wife and I are not Swedish nationals, however we have lived in Sweden for 3 years.
In Sweden we own apartment (bostadsrätt).
This facet (that we own apartment) is making us tax liable in Sweden.

We went to United Arab Emirates (Dubai) to work.

In Dubai we had following situation:

Date of departure from Sweden: 12 October 2016
Date of first working day: 16 October 2016
Wife's last working day: 13th April 2017
My last working day: 25 September 2017 (yes, in future, I haded over my notice)
Date of departure from Dubai and coming back to Stockholm: 17 October 2017

Now, we know there is ettårsregeln in Skatteverket (https://www4.skatteverket.se/rattsligvagledning/edition/2017.5/323993.html) but as this all is in Swedish everything is even more complicated for us than it should be.

I would like your help on clarifying our tax situation and whether we will be liable to pay any tax with above situation?
Have in mind that neither my wife nor I will be actively working for 1 year - however, we will spend one year abroad (12 October 2016 - 17 October 2017). How does this affects situation?
Should I prolonge my job until 17th October 2017 (last day until I am here)?
Overall, I can't read from skatteverket, if my wife, has quit her job on 13 April 2017, but then lived with me for a year, does she has to pay taxes on the amount she earned until then?


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  1. anon
    D Andersson
    jul 03, 2017


    According to ettårsregeln you have to stay abroad and work abroad for more than one year. My recommendations are that you prolong your work until the 17th of October.

    Since your wife hasn´t worked more than one year she has to pay tax on here salary in Sweden.

    Kind regards

    Daniel Andersson är skattejurist hos Skattepunkten AB