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I am starting a company in Sweden and friends and family from the UK are sending me money to help with this. 

Three payments of around 120 000 kr will be made by different people to my personal account.

I understand that payments of over 150 000 from overseas are subject to a ‘kontrol’ from skatteverket. 

Does this apply to three payments from different people that add up to a sum over 150 000, or does it only apply to a single or group of payments from a single person that adds up to a sum of over 150 000?

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  1. anon
    jul 13, 2019

    The banks will report transfers over 150 K. It is also possible that they will report 3 transfers of 120 K as their systems should look for patterns. That transfers are reported does not mean that you will hear from SKV. Pesonally I have transferred much larger sums to Sweden from abroad and never heard anything from SKV - sometimes millions. Moreover, as long as the money are derived from taxed sources, SKV has no interest in the sums. Nevertheless, be always prepared to answer questions, although I am not sure you will receive any.