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i am a Brit living in Sweden . I recently moved here and since my move have started consulting for a UK company and paid in GBP by them, with my consulting address agreement being an English one. The work is carried out in Sweden though. I believe I am a sole trader and the UK company does not have to register here? Is that correct? Also do I have to pay Swedish tax on the income before the UK tax is known (which will not be until Jan 2024). 

Thank you in advance for any help.

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  1. anon
    D Andersson
    apr 05, 2023


    Since you have your own company, the British company should not register in Sweden. Since you are living in Sweden and are doing the work in Sweden, the income should only be taxed in Sweden.

    Kind regards


    Daniel Andersson är skattejurist hos Skattepunkten AB