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Jag blev tipsad om den här låten - någon tyckte att den skulle passa bra här på skatter.se... undrar varför????

Här är texten:

It's My Money
Written by: Aaron Sain/Frank Highland
Lead vocals: Frank Highland

I pay the Fed tax and the FICA tax before I cash my check
And then the sales tax and this and that tax get most of what?s left
They're taxing me to death and it's my money
They say the wheel tax and the property tax are going up again
I don't like that I'm gonna fight that every way I can
They spend it like it's theirs, they've got to understand

It's my money, it belongs to me
It's mine, I made it
It's as simple as it can be
Enough's enough how much more do you need
It's my money

I wanna earn some and spend some on my family
I wanna save some and give some to those in need
I wanna do what I please with my money
I wanna risk some and invest some up on Wall Street
And maybe I could if they wouldn't take so much from me

Repeat Chorus

If it was up to them well I think they'd take every dime we make
They don't wanna hear it, but they're gonna hear it
When we all stand up and say

Repeat Chorus 2X

It's My Money

© 2005 Curbcourt Music (ASCAP) Pool Guy Music (ASCAP) / All Rights Reserved / International Copyright Secured


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  1. anon
    jun 10, 2019

    Håller SKV med ????? )))))))))