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Skattepunkten AB was represented on the European Tax Meeting 12 May 2017 organised by MSI Global Alliance. On the conference 52 member firms were present from 26 countries totalling 114 members and 26 other quests.  

MSI is a global association of over 250 independent legal and accounting firms in over 100 countries. The MSI members often cooperate in different tax legal/accounting questions and collaborate where needed in international projects involving companies in different countries. MSI members also refer clients to each other regarding private individuals and companies.

The conference was enormously positive and the delegates listened to among many speakers mainly to marketing professionals. A lot of people connected on the conference and it didn´t seem that anyone had a minute for themselves! It was a great event with good dinners and also deeper discussions and presentations regarding different countries tax regimes. 

A very interesting discussion took place the first day! It was regarding Brexit. Tax lawyers from England discussed what the effects would be in the tax legal areas!

Here is a short presentation of some of the tax regimes discussed on the conference, regarding Switzerland, Germany and France: European Tax Meeting MSI Global Alliance 12 May 2017 Copenhagen 

If you are interested to know which the effects may be regarding Brexit in the future, maybe you are doing business in England or you are about to do, then you can contact Us and we will discuss this subject with our MSI partners in England and look at your specific projects/company to see what the effects may be for you!

Best regards

John Knutsson, Tax lawyer 

Marketing Director for Skattepunkten AB